Input form

Here, it is a form that inputs sleep posture, health condition and body shape in order to make use of e - MOS (Mattress order system).
Just by answering each item, we will investigate and suggest the optimum mattress for our customers.
Please feel free to use.

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Sex Male Female
When you wake up, what was your sleeping position?
Which body part you feel pain or numbness when you are sleeping?
How many times do you wake up during your sleeping?
Do you sweat during your sleeping?
How long does it take for you to fall into sleep?
How do you feel when you wake up in the morning?
How long have you been using your current mattress?
Your health condition
Do you take sleeping pills?
Do you feel sleepy in the daytime?
Your preference of mattress
How hard is your current mattress?

The following items are mandatory. Please fill in all items.

Height cm
Weight kg
Shoulders width
Shoulders (around) cm
Chest circumference cm
Waist circumference cm
Hips circumference cm
Calf circumference cm
Ankle circumference cm